A Hair's Breadth
 June, 2010  144 x 30 inches  Created specifically for an exhibition at ALMA: The oil spill off the coast of Louisiana was pouring forth millions of gallons of oil without a solution in sight, Haiti was recovering from a devastating earthquake, the “Peace Flotilla” conjured nothing but war and hate, and yet life continues, the beauty carries on. People go to the beach, children go to school, horses graze in green pastures, and people ride bikes - this beautiful complicated paradise on earth continues.  This work was created for a exhibition at ALMA in Tel Aviv.
Leisure Time
Ants & Bikes low res.jpg
 2010  Mixed Media  144 x 40 inches
Leisure Time
LT @Y #3.jpg
Sealed Well
Ant Hill
8a. Ant Hill Detail.JPG
Break on Thru.jpg
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